August Denver Metro Market Stats 2023

September 15, 2023

August 2023 Stats

The statistics are a comparison of August 2023 and August 2022.

The chart below indicates:

Home sales are DOWN 12% from last year at this time.

The average sold price for a single family home INCREASED  1%

The average days on market has INCREASED by 1 day!

The amount of available inventory had NO CHANGE when compared to last year this time.

Watch Video Below::

Bottom Line

The amount of homes are slightly down.  But homes continue to appreciate.  Equity continues to Grow for home owners.    If you are waiting for prices to go down.  It doesn’t look like that will be happening anytime soon.

***Great time to capitalize on before interest rates dip and home prices sky rocket.  

As a Buyer

The Market is creating opportunity.  Sellers are more willing to negotiate  but for how long???

If you are a buyer and your waiting for a dramatic change or prices to go down significantly you are doing yourself no good waiting.  Homes continue to sell and prices are holding strong.

Lets talk   We still have a small window of bargaining tools such as  Seller concessions, to lending interest rate buy downs :  2/1 or 3/1 buy downs. 

***You can always refinance when rates drop.   They will drop and when they do the competition is back and house prices surge again.***


Even if the home isn’t the perfect home, Buy and in a few years you would have generated enough equity to buy the perfect home.

Nobody got wealthy without owning real estate.  It is a huge part of everyone’s financial success.

Treat your home for what it is.  An Asset that is a tool to create Wealth, Freedom and a Better Life!


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As a Seller:::

If you are looking to SELL!!  Buyers are looking to buy your home.

We definitely need to talk, ASAP!!!

Home buyers are eager and ready to negotiate..    Lets talk and get your home sold!

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