October 2021 Stats

The statistics are a comparison of the past 3-4 years in October and October 2021.

The chart below indicates:

Home sales are down 18% from last year at this time. But up when compared to the previous years 2017-2019

The average sold price for single family homes INCREASED 9% from last year but 23.5% INCREASE from 2019, 26.3% INCREASE from 2018 and 31.5% INCREASE from 2017.

The average days on market DECREASED 10 Days. But Average a 17 Day DECREASE for the previous 3 years 2017-2019

The amount of available inventory has stayed at 3 weeks.

Bottom Line

With Low inventory, the balance of supply and demand have stayed steady. leading to another month of competition among buyers. The average home price continues to climb and has done so for the last several years.

Inventory is low and demand is HIGH! Which results in the steady increase in home prices.

As a Buyer. You will need to pay to live somewhere. If renting or owning. You should own that home and STOP throwing your money out the window!

Reap the equity benefits!!!

As a Seller, your return on your investment is astronomical. If you have a plan. It's a really good time to sell!

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Thomas Tucker

Broker Associate / Realtor

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