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If you want Operational Excellence from the word go, then Thomas Tucker is the only option. Old School Customer Service and Dedication to detail is just the beginning. Tucker sold our property and went above and beyond many times in doing so. Answered all of our questions and kept his word through it all. No hidden fees or agendas.
Honest, dedicated, and loyal.
I'm a customer for life. Thank You Mr. Tucker for impeccable service.



If you are looking for a real-estate agent, who goes above and beyond then look no further than Tom of Stay Gold. He will make you feel as if you are working with your best friend or close family member and not a real-estate agent. If you ask this man to jump, he will ask how high. Tom will always look out for you and keep your best interests in mind.
When I asked him to see a house he usually had a showing scheduled that same day. When I needed to move my target area, he was more than happy to accommodate. When our mortgage broker dropped the ball, Tom had a man on standby so we could still close on time. I have never worked with anyone who was so willing to help you and had the knowledge to do so. So if you are in the market for a new house, look no further, I would recommend Stay Gold to anyone for a stress-free experience.

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Thomas is one of the good guys. He knows property. He will be honest with you like a friend. He will get you the best deal can. I would recommend him to any home buyer.